• Maximum height 3000 mm and width 1100 mm.
  • Made from international standard aluminium of architectural building materials.
  • Free from termites, water leakage and decay problems.
  • 8 mm & 10 mm and laminated glass 5+0.38+5 mm can be used.
Air tightness material used at the bottom rail prevent water and insects from entering Various door design (outside) with the combination of lattice & glass Rust proof aluminium hinges which passed 200.000 cycles endurance test (open-close) Corner caps are applied to all corners of the door leaf for maximum security during operation

  • Double locking system. Product of Miwa Lock, Japan.
  • Keyhole made of phosphorescent nylon with user friendly design & could glow in the dark.
  • Door handle and key can be subtituted by similar type of local product
Locking system available in various design (lock or thumb turn)