Products Type

YKK AP INDONESIA products Window Variation Product Name
Finished Goods Window Sliding, Fix, Casement, Top Hung, Door, etc NEXSTA70
Sliding, Fix, Caesement, Top Hung, Door NEXSTA70LS
Sliding NEXSTA100LS
Folding Door Terrace Type End Fold NEXSTA70FDT
Ventilation Door NEXSTA70VD
Folding Door Garage Type End Fold
Corner Away
Entrance Door EXHIDO
Curtain Wall Unitized Curtain Wall UCW – 125
Knock Down Curtain Wall KCW-75
Bar Profile Window Sliding, Fix, Casement, Top Hung Sakura
Fix, Casement, Top Hung Zero Window
Store Front Fix, Casement, Top Hung, Door SF-70
Fix, Door SF-100
Curtain Wall YCR Economic Type
YCB Economic Type
• Finished Goods : Ready product of aluminium windows or door which is manufactured by YKK AP INDONESIA
• Bar Profile : The factory which produce aluminium section bar Store front is an aluminium extruded bar with various finishing of mill finish, anodise, anodise plus and powder coating. It is usually called as section bar or profile.